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Publishing Specifications
ISBN 978-1-943901-99-9
Format 8.5 x 11” softcover
Size 44 pages
Publication 22 February 2018
Price $11.95 USD


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Goddess Coloring Book: Celebrating the Return of the Sacred Feminine

by Kate Cartwright

Since ancient times, goddess art has been part of our diverse cultures and beliefs. Stories of goddesses are means of affirming the strength and authenticity of women, spanning from the powerful strength of Durga or Kali to the beauty and generous abundance of Lakshmi. When spending our time and focus on this diverse collection of Divine Feminine art, we find that it supports our conscious intention to connect with the positive energy of the Goddess.

Includes 20 hand-drawn goddesses from ancient to contemporary times and cultures. Narratives about how each goddess is connected to the sacred feminine are included.

Names of included Goddesses

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Sample Pages

Hecate drawing
La Sirena drawing
Mother Earth & Father Sky Kissing drawing
Tree Goddess drawing
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