Kate’s Ornaments

I can only deduct I put myself through the process of making tree ornaments every fall because I deeply loved my childhood’s Christmas trees. We all save special ornaments for use year after year. My goal seems to be the creation of those special ones that find a long life and bring joy to the hearts of their admirers.

The Mermaid and the Starfish ornaments reflect my present New England connection to the ocean. The Corn Mother and the Heart I designed when I lived in Taos, NM. Both the angels have their own mysterious archetypal origins.

Making the ornaments starts with two pieces of artwork that exactly mirror one another. I copy them onto rice paper in my printer then glue them on either side of 140 lb. white paper. I overpaint parts of the images with oils. The final step is a thin layer of encaustic medium (combination of purified beeswax and dakar resin) on both sides. This last step makes for a durable ornament with color that will never fade. And smells heavenly.


Did You Know?

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