August Splendor in Taos Farm Market

Seems everyone agrees dailias took the prize as queens of the market last Saturday. But flowers were abundant everywhere you looked, making for high splendor and a giddy feeling of joy. Even the vegetables looked brighter and were often displayed so beautifully you felt they were flowers too.

Case in point, this cascade of carrots. This came from a display on the far side as you enter the market run by two young men. They seem to be in the spirit of vegetables as the stuff of art. I can’t say I’ve asked, or know, where all these growers call home but I had a conversation with a young man who is farming in Las Trampas on an acreage that has asequia water. This is his first year there and he is planning to continue. Las Trampas is about 45 minutes from Taos on the High Road, and is famous for it’s beautiful adobe church built in the 1800s.

The photo above shows one of the two young men I liked for their artful displays of produce. Another place I’ve noticed farmers are from is Dixon, south of Taos down the 68, Dixon has a notably lower elevation which probably helps lengthen the growing season. I made a detour off 68 to see Dixon a couple of weeks ago for the first time. I was with some visiting sisters and we were making the loop around the High Road through Espanola and back up to Taos. I could see why people like it there. It felt sheltered and fertile and very quiet. Artists and farmers seem attracted to it.

No blog about the Taos Farm Market would be complete without mentioning Jeff and his partner, whose charm and reliability are only matched by their offerings. When I got there Saturday they had already sold all the tomatoes they brought, 32 pounds I think it was. They have a one-acre place where they live and garden intensively called Talpa Gardens. Their place is on the acequia and talking to Jeff I got the impression he knows how special his water is. They often sell out early so my advice is to be prudent and shop there first and “get it while you can.” Saturday I passed them by in my enthusiasm for taking photos and stopping for a short session with Bonnie, the palm reader. I later regretted my careless attitude. By the way, the reading with Bonnie was amazing! She’s there every Saturday. Take advantage.

One thought on “August Splendor in Taos Farm Market

  1. Kate, reading your blog about the Farmers Market made me feel as though I was there! I only wish I had visited the market during my ‘way too short’ visit to your beautiful new home and area in Taos. Stopping along the road to buy sweet peas from the pickup truck was as close as I came to enjoying the prolific produce of your area. We have a market downtown Cincinnati every Saturday morning as well, but the big thing there is sausage made the old fashioned way by generations of German settlers. They have a whole sausage jargon, and I don’t understand any of it and am not a sausage fan. But I know a great carrot when I see one!

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