Winter Clings on–to life in NH

My granddaughter looks back down the street toward her house halfway down its length while we wait for her bus on a wintery Monday morning. The next morning I drove her down to the same spot because the temperature was 7 degrees (by my computer). Oh dear, I just looked at the forecast for tomorrow, my travel day. Snow and rain mix on the east coast. Hope I can get outa here.

This is the view over the backyard and into the neighborhood beyond. Gotta love the geometry of all those orderly angles and the monochromatic colors. As I’ve walked up and down the street to the bus stop I’ve seen and heard my favorite birds, ravens. Naturally they look particularly sleek in all this black and white order and their cry reminds me of my chosen home back in the less organized world of Taos. Yes, there’s a lot of contrast between the two places and it’s not an urban vs. rural or small town kind of difference. It’s a cultural difference, and for Taos culture means multi-culture. Folks here in New Hampshire seem to be more in step with one another, at least on the surface.

This was taken from a 2nd story window. As much as anything it illustrates the intertwining of trees and houses and again, the simple geometry used in the design of the homes. I liked the old-fashioned look of the crocheted window treatment and the way it frames the photo, accentuating the orderly repeating patterns in the houses. As you can see I was not wandering around much looking for great scenery but using what was at hand.

This might turn out to be the most interesting of the beach photos I took a week ago on the one “nice” afternoon that drew us to the beach. It’s kind of an optical illusion that my granddaughter is standing in water. The tide must have just recently gone out exposing a large swath of sand, so wet it looks like water. Wish I’d had the new polarizing filter I got for my birthday when I took this.

Weather permitting my passage through the air I’ll be back on New Mexico soil tomorrow night. Back to my cozy small home with no garbage disposal, microwave or TV. Back to work on my many projects. Back to blogging about life in the chosen land, Taos.

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