Chasing Spring in Taos

We drove over to the Ojo Hot Springs yesterday chasing a sunny, 70-degree day and were rewarded by the site of this hyacinth in shades of pale pink. You can see the effects of my improved camera equipment in this simple photo. Huge difference.

I can’t actually recommend everyone run over to the hot springs in this nice weather. It was crowded because this is the season of rolling spring breaks in schools throughout the region. There were lots of teacher types and then parents trying to sneak their kids into the adult-only pools, which I had never seen before.

This is the entrance to Ojo with the parking lot beyond. To the left is the hotel and the entrance just past the sign takes you to the restaurant and wine bar. Opposite (not shown) is the new building that you pass through for entry into the pools and spa. We had lunch in the restaurant before checking in, fish tacos and salad. The food is healthy, delicious and beautifully presented.

I spotted these daffodils in the bed along the side of the hotel you see above–warm, south-facing and protected. And, of course, all at a lower elevation than Taos.

Compared to winters of history apparently we here in Taos dodged a bullet this year. The down side is that there was also not much precipitation (snow in the mountains) and that’s where the waters of summer come from through those famous acequia ditches. So nothing to brag about in the larger picture…

I took a little loop of a walk around the property where I live and felt some hope seeing these young plants deciding it was time to make their move. Looks like they could use some rain though. Just checked the 10-day forecast and didn’t see much encouragement there, just more mild spring temps with afternoon winds and a low chance of rain.

On Sunday I will celebrate my one-year anniversary of the day I drove into Taos to begin my search for a house. I had timed it to coincide with the Spring Equinox, as it will this year. I’m planning to attend a Mayan Equinox ceremony here that day.

Again, thanks to the new camera, I was able to communicate the intricate beauty of this remnant of last year’s bounty in the orchard. Won’t be long before it’s replaced by buds producing their annual flowers and fruits. I love these Wabi-Sabi remnants reminding us that all phases of life have their beauty.

Let this photo be our honoring of all that life created in last year’s growing and fruiting, both in the plant world and in our personal lives. We have arrived now at our cyclical starting point, renewed and ready to begin in earnest again.

Tomorrow, this waxing moon in the photo, will be full, illuminating the orchard as it gets its signal from the cosmos that it is time to begin anew. May we all find the courage to honor our deepest truths and be the love we seek.

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