May Market, the Gorge, the Eclipse!

Oh yes, our Saturday Farmer’s Market is back in business. This vendor comes down from Colorado and she uses a greenhouse to get a jump on the summer season. I’ve just put my couple of zucchini seedlings (bought at the farm market) in the ground. It will be awhile before I have zucchini flowers, not to mention squash.

The geography of the Taos region allows a lot of people to live in a widely scattered area of which Taos is both a market center and a magnetic symbol. Living in or near Taos means many things to many diverse people. Here in the farm market season all that diversity shows up once a week and blends into a harmonious, abundant and cheerful whole. So get ready for another five months of my camera’s fascination with this enticing feast for the eyes and the soul.

I suspect I’ve taken many photos of the Rio Grande Gorge from this very spot. There was a woman setting up to paint from the same vantage point, so I was not alone in my car-stopping admiration. The view looks to the north back toward the length of the gorge that is most typical, like the familiar view from the Gorge Bridge. But at this juncture the sides of the gorge are coming further apart and a couple of miles to the south things open up (at Pilar) to allow the river to slide steeply west along Hwy. 68 down to Espanola. On a trip to Santa Fe last week I saw a lot of river rafting along there. Tis the season.

If you read this blog regularly you’ll guess that I was on my way to Ojo Caliente Hot Springs when I took that previous photo. That road crosses a bridge over the river then heads west in a steep climb out of the gorge up to this immense mesa. I’d say most people driving to Ojo take a different route that takes them over the Gorge Bridge, but either way you end up on this road. I’ve always wanted to take a photo of one of these cow signs, of which there are several along this stretch of road. Many, not all, have been stamped with this image of a UFO. If I were from outer space I think I’d pick this mesa for a hover spot. I’ve never seen a UFO but many here say they have.

And now for the return trip. This is where the road down into the gorge starts its slippery slope downwards and ultimately right photo-wise. Because I live on the southwest end of Taos it’s convenient for me to take this “back road” way over to the hot springs. I have an all-wheel-drive vehicle and it’s definitely the scenic road.

No photo can describe the magical Eclipse Party we had at OptiMysm (metaphysical store) Sunday night. At this point in the party/ceremony we have all come out to see what we can see of this important annular eclipse of the Sun. I got my favorite view using the green glass that my friend Sheila was looking through in the photo.

I post a monthly astrology blog at the New Moon and my last one describes the significance of this eclipse and discusses important astrological events in both May and June. I welcome you to check it out if you’ve never explored it.

Perfect yellow rose at the farm market



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  1. The “perfect yellow rose” at the end of your blog reminds me of your latest rose painting for the Sante Gallery. Almost as pretty as your painting!

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