Trip to Ketchum, Idaho

I used to live in this house in Ketchum. Looking back I realize it marked an important time for me in two ways. I was very happy there and at the time I was “working” as a “granny nanny” to my granddaughter and we share many happy memories of our times together there. Secondly it was there I began the process of becoming a fine artist. I started out exploring oil painting (which I still love) and ended up doing mixed media art (and oils) on wood panels.

I took the photo from Ananda’s yard, looking up the hill. He is an old friend and when I lived there we were also neighbors. He admired my gardening efforts and would  walk through my back yard on his way to work at the nearby juice bar he owned. Now the tables are turned and in his retirement he has focused on gardening with amazing results.

Here’s a photo of one of his garden areas. It speaks for its self. There were lots of the wild raspberries that do so well in Ketchum here and there and ripe for the picking. He’s built himself a tower of sorts, he calls his “tree house,” used for sleeping outdoors. When I lived in the green house above none of this existed. It’s such a great example of how a person can transform his environment to mirror his values and desires.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this photo of the Ganesha shrine he has in his front yard. In his younger days Ananda was a Hindu monk and he continues to practice his unique spiritual path according to his inner promptings. He loves the concept of a temple. That’s one thing I know for sure.

But I digress…the point of traveling to Ketchum was the birthday of my granddaughter, Emma, who was turning 13, that mystical moment when you transform from a child to a TEENAGER. Emma was taking this seriously and I wanted to help her celebrate this milestone. She was also a visitor to Ketchum, where her dad has a second home. She lives in New Hampshire with her mom, stepdad and new sister, a year old. Her mom ordered this great cake for the birthday party from the queen of pastry in Ketchum, Mary Jones. Inside was Mary’s famous chocolate cake. Yum!

This was taken during the birthday party. I don’t usually publish photos of myself or even my friends and family on this blog but I can’t stop myself here. The urge must reveal how important Emma is to me in spite of the geographic distance now between us. To say that I am proud of her hardly coveys my feelings but would also be true. I know I felt that also about my daughter, her mother, so it’s partly a “mother” thing. They both give my life a depth of feeling, of connection, that is mysterious and compelling.

I love this photo taken a couple of days after the birthday. Emma was discovering that she could cantor with a comfort that she had never experienced. Could have been the magic of her instructor, Kelly, who worked with her off and on over the years when Emma was younger? I know Emma had some horse riding experiences also in New Hampshire when she first moved there a couple of years ago. In any case she was please with herself at the moment this was taken.

You can see from the trees where the Wood River runs along the bottom of those mountains in the background.

As I was driving home toward Taos on Hwy 64 from Tres Peidres I stopped at the Earthship Center and caught this moment of rainfall in the distance. I was happy to see the monsoon season continues on in the region. My garden watering angels had been  reporting lots of rain while I was away and the garden reflected that extra dose of nitrogen.

I’ll wrap it up with this parting shot of an earthship under construction, a celebration of our unique place here.

2 thoughts on “Trip to Ketchum, Idaho

  1. Hi Kate,
    I really enjoyed this. The photo of you and Emma is truly stunning. Looks like you are thriving. I hope that’s true.
    Love you,

  2. Hi Kate

    How magical…to be browsing the internet and see this beautiful picture of you and your lovely granddaughter.

    Thank you for your wisdom and friendship and the sharing of your knowledge of astrology and art with me and our wonderful group of women.


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