January Retreat in Taos


This wintery time of year has lived up to its reputation. Most long-time residents say it’s been colder than usual. Many people I’ve talked to have reported frozen pipes and some even broken ones that have caused flooding in their house. I guess the plumbers have been busy?

I’ve stayed mostly indoors in my cozy radiant-floor-heated casita and turned my attention to various projects. I recently re-read a women’s history classic, The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant. I’ve welcomed the slower pace after all the rushing around before the holidays making sure local stores had my cards and tree ornaments in stock. In the rhythm of the yearly cycle this is the time to go inward, to reflect and evaluate, to allow the unconscious to process the events of the past year. Soon enough it will be time to begin afresh with the Spring Equinox.

On the way home from a trip to Santa Fe last week I took a turn into the Rio Grande Gorge to see its winter look. It was just before dusk so both of these photos catch the contrast of light and dark.


As you can see, the river here is not frozen. I noticed that there were stretches along the 68 highway between here and Espanola that were iced up. People were stopping to take photos. I thought this might be the case here in the gorge but apparently not. And there’s a reason for that but I can’t make out for sure what it is. Perhaps the gorge both collects and holds heat in the day and because the water is moving slower here it has time to warm up?


I did take this shot of some fanciful ice at the end of a boat ramp.


To warm you up…this is a new collaged nicho featuring the Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi, that I recently added to my consignment art in the Wabi-Sabi gift store. They have been carrying my cards for a couple of years now. As you can see in this photo they feature art and artifacts from Eastern spiritual traditions.


This was taken from the front porch of my house looking out through the icicles to a sunny cold day in the hood. A couple of those icicles stuck around for many days and grew several feet long. Very entertaining.

I want to extend an invitation to local friends of my Taos blog to consider attending the miniature show at Millicent Rogers this coming Saturday, the 26th. It will be my first time showing art there and I plan to attend the opening at 5:30 PM. I understand they charge $15 admission to raise funds for the museum.




2 thoughts on “January Retreat in Taos

  1. Not sure if it is my absence away from the land of enchantment or that Kate is capturing the deeper essence of the magic — believe it is both. Thank you Kate for keeping the blog afloat and sharing your talents.

  2. More proof that you are an amazing writer and photographer that isn’t going to let the magic of a place get away from her.

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