Winter Ways in NH

It’s still winter here in New Hampshire, so we’re inside the house looking out for the most part. The general landscape of this affluent town is dominated by fields and yards covered in smooth icings of white contrasting with stands of dark limbed trees. My drive to my granddaughter’s school is like a trip through a toy-like world of narrow curving roads through trees dotting open space between story-book box shaped  houses and barns.

From the science viewpoint of observing the driveway in front of my daughter’s home I can report the temperatures were below freezing last night but the trend is toward daytime melt that is shrinking the snow and ice there. I love the mysterious crystal shapes in ice and felt I should be quick to photograph it while I could.

This is the ocean view at the end the street where my family lives. Took it this morning on my way back from the school drive. It’s a scene of melting snow. This morning I saw what must have been a cardinal. It was a totally red and very handsome bird. Later I saw a self-satisfied robin who seemed confident that spring was on the way.

Trees are everywhere and I have an impulse to get a tree guide and walk around identifying them. I have never been to the east coast and I can only imagine the amazing beauty of the fall colors here.

Where there was a major fork in the road of my life history, (I started in the middle of the US, Oklahoma) I chose west over east and have never looked back. First it was California, the Bay Area, then branching out to different places within that state. For some reason, still a mystery to me, I have spent long stretches of time in the affluent and beautiful town of Sun Valley, Idaho. In between there were short spurts into life in Oregon and Arizona, and now New Mexico–all places clearly western.

This beach is only a couple of blocks away from my granddaughter’s house. We stopped by on our way home after school yesterday. Once we got to the beach she seemed in no hurry to get home. The temperatures were in the low 40s. No wind. Not too bad. I gave my new dslr camera a workout.

I am still switching back and forth between the two cameras. I keep the small digital handy in my purse and still tend to plan my outings with the larger camera, even though I chose to purchase a dslr that is on the smaller, lighter end of possibilities there. I’ll be in NH another 6 days so may blog again from here. It’s certainly photogenic.