Colorado & Back


River rafting was the big attraction at 3Rivers Resort where my family had a big reunion last week. The resort is situated along the Taylor River about 10 miles north of Gunnison, CO. My granddaughter was able to attend it and renew relationships with folks she hadn’t seen since she was 4. She celebrated her 12th birthday while we were there.

This shot captures the natural beauty of the resort and the way 12-year olds like to take photos with their iPhones. Sometimes she would switch over to borrowing my digital slr and give the iPhone a rest. We were a photographing team.

On the last full day of our time in Colorado we took a little visit over to Crested Butte, a small ski town developed 50 or so years ago. We both loved it. Even Emma, who grew up in the ski town of Sun Valley, Idaho, was impressed by the natural beauty of the landscape and the town itself. It seemed to have a sense of itself, how it wanted to look and feel, and as far as we explored there seemed to be consistency. There were many benches such as this one, along the main street, created to be functional works of art. They showed off the artistic, funky spirit of the town.

I’ll use this one photo to symbolize all the flowers we saw everywhere we went. Even along the main shopping street there was space for flower beds and displays. The sidewalks were wide, giving pedestrians a feeling of space as they walked around. I think the elevation of the town was around 7,700 so I know they have a short growing season so I suspect they achieved their flowers by using lots of perennials and setting out starts grown in greenhouses. The effect was truly inspiring and uplifting.

I saw somewhere that Crested Butte claimed to be the wildflower capital of Colorado. Many family members went on hikes and enjoyed the flowers.

In this photo you can see what I assume to be the Crested Butte that gives the town its name. These houses are typical of the local style. Not sure how you would describe it but seen at a distance it looks like a toy town. Snow is a major factor here and might explain these steep metal roofs, good for releasing accumulating snow.

On the drive back home to Taos we stopped at the Earthship Center located along Hwy 64 west of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. My granddaughter had never seen or even heard of an earthship so she got an eye-full. This Earthship World Headquarters location handles a lot of related activities, such as a school to learn green building concepts and techniques, and an earthship rental service (one night).

This shot accentuates the free-form use of adobe-like building materials and the incorporation of glass bottles for color and aesthetics. Gotta love that Taos plateau blue sky.

I loved the use of so much glass in the design of this wall and the pleasing shape of the opening. This was part of a project that was still under construction, but located near the center, encouraging visitors to look around.

Next on the Taos tour was the Gorge Bridge. I mentioned that the people of Taos were concerned about the recent larger numbers of “jumpers.” She felt there should definitely be a net below the railing. We looked at a recent copy of the Taos News the next day and saw that concern about bridge suicides was a headline. She was happy to see her concerns shared by the town.

Next day was Saturday and we went straight to the farm market for a palm reading by Bonnie Bramble who offers readings each week during the market season. Children’s palms are read for free, which is generous of Bonnie.

Aw shucks another lovely hollyhock.