Sweet in Sedona

On a sunny warm day #1 in my visit to Sedona I hiked up a fairly easy trail with two friends. Everything seemed exotic and beautiful. At the end of the trail was this tantalizing view. It was exciting to see from the light behind the column that the base was free-standing.

This is the bark of an Alligator Juniper tree. This I do remember. I was very taken by these trees which were fairly numerous along the same trail. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. They grew pretty tall by Juniper standards and seemed very happy in that environment.

This was taken at a park I do remember the name of–Red Rock Crossing. It’s a very special place but sadly is difficult to access unless you go by the book and drive in and pay a steep $9 fee (per car). We walked in for $2 per person, but finding a place to park is tricky (don’t ask). A friend and I visited here twice out of my total five days in Sedona.

This red rock face, with its distinctive chimneys, overlooks the creek (Oak Creek) at the base (seen in the previous photo). This offers drama as well as shelter to the park. I managed to get in a hike, or at least an interesting wild-ish walk on each of the 5 days there. My friend and I would meet up at a local cafe–Java Love. It seemed to be THE local’s hang out, as over the course of my days I often saw the same faces there. The staff seemed to know the names of the customers and everyone acted like they were very much at home. It was easy to feel included in this ambiance and I would highly recommend the place to anyone visiting Sedona. Wifi of course.

Part of Red Rock Crossing park is Buddha Beach. A favorite pastime here is building rock structures and I had to try my hand as well. I believe anything goes but the favorite style seems to be stacking as high as possible. There are some stretches of flat red rock next to the water and my friend and I chose to lie in the sun a while and listen to the sounds of the water. This general location is one of the many vortex spots in and around Sedona and is a feminine (yin) one. We let it have its way with us. Sweet.