Arroyo Seco #2–Tour

This was taken a mile or so before you arrive in the small town of Arroyo Seco, looking to your right as you drive along. I did stop to take this photo and the dirt road into the Taos Pueblo has a name but I didn’t write it down. Yes, we’ve been having some rain/snow here and there lately. We’ll take the moisture any way we can and the snow does show off the Sangre de Christo mountains nicely. Once you get to Arroyo Seco you really feel the nearness of the mountains and you are in a zone that is no longer flat open mesa. There are creeks and trees.

Here I’m standing behind Santos Y Mas, the store that is now carrying some of my altars, cards and tree ornaments. You can see the relationship between the mountains and the middle of downtown. The famous Taos Cow is just across the street from Santos Y Mas and the place that sells the great tamales is there on the far right of the photo, Abe’s. The restaurant takes up the right side of the building.

Just a skip and a jump over and upwards from the main street to your left is a tempting stroll up to this church. And just about where I stood to take this photo there is a dirt road heading left that goes around the back of the buildings on main street and over to a little neighborhood that leads to the famous Seco Pearl and the newly relocated market, Sol Food.

I talked briefly a couple of weeks ago to the young owner of Sol Food, Cris. He said he grew up in Arroyo Seco. He was very up on all things Arroyo Seco and noted that there was a trend toward economic growth there, not to mention that through the past three years of hard times in the region Arroyo Seco has held steady. He mentioned that it’s a more expensive area to live in, generally, than Taos, so holds up the “high end” of the valley. He feels visitors seem to enjoy the scale and slower pace of the town, find it relaxing and refreshing.

As you can see Seco Pearl is a large place. I understand it wears many hats. Sometimes it’s a community center/dance hall, other times a place to display local wares and also a cafe. Definitely community events happen here and the people of the town feel very affectionate toward it. I read in the paper several weeks ago that it just changed owners. I pledge to visit it on one of my next visits to town and give a report on the latest incarnation.

Here’s one of my tree ornaments on display at Santos Y Mas. They keep a year-round area set up for ornaments. You can’t miss it. The Garden & Soul store in Taos also is keeping a small display of my ornaments year round. I was surprised but some have sold since the winter holiday season.