Downtown Kit Carson

This Saturday I mis-read the paper and tried to attend an art opening at a gallery on Kit Carson Road. The good news is that it got me out exploring along Kit Carson. For some reason I’ve been reluctant to wander around downtown. Maybe when the summer tourists thin out? I love taking photos into windows so you get a mix of what’s inside and out. This reclining figure in one of the Kit Carson galleries captures the best of what I’m always looking for.

This is the look of the left side of Kit Carson Road as you start down it from the main intersection in downtown Taos. All along are old historic adobe buildings which have, over time, housed all kinds of enterprises, no doubt. Most of them are now art galleries, some full of small crafts items and miscellanea of the Southwest region and others offer fine art. The only place I found open was offering just about anything a tourist might want to buy on a trip to Taos. There were no customers and the salesman seemed eager to talk about the hot summer we’ve been having and the meagerness of the rain.

This is one of the many carved doors along that stretch of shops. This is the kind of thing I like. You won’t find it in a mall and it might be worth traveling to Taos to see, if it’s the kind of thing you appreciate. Really it is here and there and everywhere in and around Taos, though not with consistency. You have to stay alert for special hand-carved artistic accents on buildings, but you will be rewarded time and time again. Those moments are times when I remember to express gratitude for the lucky stars who guided me here.

This is the outdoor seating area, I believe, for Tazza Coffee, located on the opposite side of the street. Looked inviting. I am one who loves the concept of sitting in or outside a cafe, with a friend, enjoying some coffee or tea. It’s one of those luxuries that makes life feel abundant and full of possibilities. Back in Ketchum I indulged in this activity frequently, but since I’ve moved to Taos, not so much. And when I do I head to Cafe LOKA and find it meets my desire perfectly. I know Tazza has its fans, though, and perhaps one day I’ll meet someone who likes to go there and I’ll join them once in a while?

Speaking of possibilities, a friend took me along to the Sunday lunch at the Hanuman Temple in Taos last Sunday and an entire new world of possibilities opened before me. I ran into three friends there, one a woman I had recently met who saw my car’s 5B plates and approached me, guessing I was from Ketchum. She just moved here from Boise, Idaho. Anyway, I immediately felt at home, just as I had when I went several times to watch the Tibetan monks work on their mandala a month ago or so. There will be more about the Temple in future blogs.