January Beauty


I took this the night of the full moon, from a friend’s house, but couldn’t get to the camera in the car fast enough to actually “shoot” the moon. It’s there somewhere. Where I live there are too many hills and trees obscuring this view of the Taos mountains so my blog doesn’t often include this magnificent perspective which comes gratis to so many. Location, location. I believe this neighborhood is called “Los Cordovas.”

A few days later I was out visiting the Tea Shop in the Overland Complex in El Prado and took this facing south from that end of all the buildings. It reveals our current lack of snow. I hear the situation is different up in the Taos Ski area, but they would like to see some fresh snow. This land in the photo is part of the huge acreage belonging to the Taos Pueblo. As you drive through El Prado much of this beautiful land is visible from the highway and I would say everyone living in the area is deeply appreciative of it being basically a land preserve.

Between the parking lot and the building where the Tea House lives (next to Envision Gallery) there is a man-made pond with a bridge and appropriate plants around it. Very charming as a concept and I’m sure lovely in other seasons. It being January I tried to capture some unexpected beauty and was pretty excited about some of my results, like this one where the rings of the shallow water reflect the sky’s dusky light.

I fell in love with this photo when I saw it on my computer. The black tree branches are so distinct and yet are reflections, and I love the way the fragile ice carves a border for the dark water, like a visual container. I am so grateful for my blog this week. It got me out and about finding beauty in the less obvious places.

And here’s the last of this pond series. I love the way the one tall leaf in the center provides both drama and color.

I took this photo this morning in my back garden area.

Ah, reflections.