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A newcomer to New England I am blogging about it from that perspective. My plan is to look around for places, events and people that resonate with my values and interests around community and respect for the health of the planet as well as its people. I am a painter, collage artist, photographer, astrologer and gardener. I'm in my 70s but not retired. I admit I get tired if I try to do too much, but then I rest and become re-invigorated. I am never bored.

Tale of Summer

  Both my granddaughters have summer birthdays. Charlotte turned 3 in July and Emma ¬†15 this month. The latter will be entering high school next week. This morning she tried out for the field hockey team. While all us adults … Continue reading

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May’s First Year Anniversary

Went to the farm market last Saturday and found this hanging basket of petunias ready for sale. This must be a sign that the local frost danger is past? Also noticed lots of tomatoes but am still not buying my … Continue reading

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Searching for Spring

Yesterday I felt inspired to get out with my camera and look for signs of spring in the bushes and trees. The day’s temp was around 40 and there was little wind. That’s about all that’s required right now for … Continue reading

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Heart of Winter

  ¬†Earlier in the month we had a wild stormy day that caused a big ruckus along the coast. Probably a mix of high tide and winds or something. Anyway my daughter had taken the coast road to Portsmouth from … Continue reading

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Winter’s Way

No doubt about it, winter is having its way with us here in New England. I miss the pleasures of the backyard garden, time at the beach with family and those bike rides into town on errands. I’ve been using … Continue reading

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