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Awesome Autumn

  The awesome colors of fall in New England can still be seen here and there but the cold weather of late is letting us know the party will soon be over. I’m already thinking back to relatively recent summer … Continue reading Continue reading

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Fall Unfolds

Fall unfolds here in New England and I anticipate the beauty of autumn leaves with childish enthusiasm. Just yesterday I began to photograph the drama around my Middle Street neighborhood. Those photos will have to wait for a new blog … Continue reading

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Glorious August

  Here we are over half way through August! It’s been a beautiful season here in the New England region. Sun Valley, my home for many years, is suffering wild fires due to drought conditions. And earlier in the summer … Continue reading

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Chance of July Showers

July is an active month for roses everywhere but here in New England you’re likely to find them all over the place. The one pictured above no doubt has a name but there are so many wild bushy types like … Continue reading

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Kate’s New England – Chapter One

  It’s the season for Rhododendrons here in New England. The plants grow into large bushes and when not in bloom turn into tidy green humps of attractive leaves that stay green all year. The Blooms are large and riotously … Continue reading

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