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May’s First Year Anniversary

Went to the farm market last Saturday and found this hanging basket of petunias ready for sale. This must be a sign that the local frost danger is past? Also noticed lots of tomatoes but am still not buying my … Continue reading

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Winter’s Way

No doubt about it, winter is having its way with us here in New England. I miss the pleasures of the backyard garden, time at the beach with family and those bike rides into town on errands. I’ve been using … Continue reading

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Fall Unfolds

Fall unfolds here in New England and I anticipate the beauty of autumn leaves with childish enthusiasm. Just yesterday I began to photograph the drama around my Middle Street neighborhood. Those photos will have to wait for a new blog … Continue reading

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Kate’s New England – Chapter One

  It’s the season for Rhododendrons here in New England. The plants grow into large bushes and when not in bloom turn into tidy green humps of attractive leaves that stay green all year. The Blooms are large and riotously … Continue reading

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